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Our gyms are located on the beach where you can enjoy outdoor workouts a privileged situation.



We are the first gym around the globe that provides this innovative patented system. The system allows you to move the entire structure, with all the machines in it, from one location to another in an easy and fast way. Therefore, our aim is to place, strategically, the “fitness station” in specifics points during potential seasons of the year.



The placement of the structure and the operation of the station are specifically designed for not to modify in any way the environment where it has been located, due to it not requires any construction.



At twilight our fitness station will be lighted by lamps powered by solar energy stored during all day.

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Beach Box Gym is the first self-sustaining and transportable gym around the globe. Its innovative structure is created by a qualified team of engineers that guarantees the dynamism and the efficiency of our fitness stations. The system is composed by two shipping containers which can be carried by any truck trailer. Once placed in the ideal location, the containers will disassembled with ease creating a flat surface of 240 square meters where our users will be able to perform from the more basic fitness workout, passing by Cross-Fit workout adequately controlled by our staff, to the most modern dance trends in our Pole Dance.

The structure includes solar plates because some activities are also perform out of daytime and also to supply our electronic equipment, therefore external energetic supply is completely unnecessary.Our aim is to find and place our gyms, always on the move, in most famous and crowed beaches around the world.


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