Engage with our entertainment options, train at Beach Box Gym.


Working in suspension and with your own body weight powers your performance and lets you deliver on your goals. You decide the level of demand of the exercises. By changing body position you can ramp up or reduce resistance easily. Give it a go and discover a completely new way to work out.


One of the most popular group workouts around today, CrossTraining is a military-style training that aims to get you in tip-top shape. A brilliant and fun workout for fast, effective toning. One of the advantages of doing a Crosstraining workout at our facility is that the sessions are held on the beach and seafront, making the class different and highly dynamic.


Be at one with yourself, wind down and get your day off to the best possible start. Nothing beats a good yoga class…especially with stunning views at dawn or sunset. Feel the energy of fascinating landscapes and unique trainers and experience moments that will thrill you.


This is the best choice for fans of aerobic activities and demanding workouts. Through a great variety of gym exercises and workouts on the beach you will burn calories like never before. A resistance training suitable for all types of people.


A dedicated workout for your butt, tummy and legs that will boost lower body muscles and mobility.


For people keen to learn how to stretch properly, improve their breathing and reduce stress. Move, relax and feel your whole body work to the beat of pleasant lounge music.


A hard-core beach-based workout that will get you into shape fast. Explosive exercises improve coordination, reflexes and muscle groups in the whole of the body, with and without weight.


We offer a dedicated personal trainer service to ensure you reach your goals in the most efficient way. Book your personal trainer now!


We have a massage service for our customers, where you can wind down after your workout or book a rehabilitation session for a muscle problem.


We have professionals who can draw up nutrition plans to help you achieve what you set out to do. We also sell and advise on sports supplements.